Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Discussion: What´s your opinion on Online TV?

Do you visit these websites?
Do you think these websites should be forbidden?
Or do you think it´s totally legal what the authors of these sites do and it´s the people who copy movies illegally that are to be blamed?
Does the quality of some movies bother you?
Do you prefer online TV to going to the cinema?
Do you think online TV makes people buy less DVDs?
Would you pay for certain online online tv services if the quality of the movies is alright?

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Most Expensive 3D Animated Movie

Did you know that the movie "The Polar Express" is the most expensive 3D animated movie of all times? The production costs were $170m! What actually made it so expensive was the new technology called "performance capture". This technology was also used in "FIFA07", "Shrek" and "Lord of the Rings" to make Gollum look like a real creature.
For the Top10-list of the most expensive 3D animated movies click here:

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Adobe to release Media Player (end of 2007)

Adobe is about to bring out a new and very good looking media player.
It´s like a kind of browser for your flash files. And this is what it actually specializes in - flash movies.
You can stream, download, manage, play and monetize your flash files. You can also tag and rate them if you like.
The adobe media player is also said to be able to play HD resolution content which makes it a very interesting and future-oriented player.
Unfortunately we´ll have to wait a few months until they release it. Adobe said they will release it before the end of 2007.
Maybe this is a step in the direction of the "multi-function-player" of the future. One player for everything.

Further information: Adobe Labs

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Save Flash Movies to Your HDD

I recently found out a method to save flash movies à la cinecast.
If you have firefox, then just download the downthemall-add-on and install it.
Then go to one of the movie websites and test it.
Right-click anywhere on the page and then select the downthemall-icon. Then there should be 2 options. "Links" and "graphics and objects" or something like that. Go to grahics and objects and see if there´s a file with for example a vlc-player-icon (depends on what player you use). If it´s there then you just have to uncheck the other download possibilites and select a target folder.
It won´t work with every video but at least with some of them.
I tried it on - maybe it´ll work on other movie-sites as well.
I think it´s a nice alternative if "youtubegrabber" or "keepvid" don´t work.

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