Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Save Flash Movies to Your HDD

I recently found out a method to save flash movies à la cinecast.
If you have firefox, then just download the downthemall-add-on and install it.
Then go to one of the movie websites and test it.
Right-click anywhere on the page and then select the downthemall-icon. Then there should be 2 options. "Links" and "graphics and objects" or something like that. Go to grahics and objects and see if there´s a file with for example a vlc-player-icon (depends on what player you use). If it´s there then you just have to uncheck the other download possibilites and select a target folder.
It won´t work with every video but at least with some of them.
I tried it on cinecast.us - maybe it´ll work on other movie-sites as well.
I think it´s a nice alternative if "youtubegrabber" or "keepvid" don´t work.

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HDD is the next generation in movies. I think HD is doing better than blueray and will win the war of the HD formats Hairloss

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HDD take alot of memory that is the onl bad thing about it

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